Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Vision

At Jubilee park Nursery we provide the highest quality of care to the children in the communities that we serve, in world-class, innovative and exciting facilities where curiosity is fostered and knowledge is developed in a fun and stimulating learning environment,which allows each unique child to grow to their full potential.


Respect - we respect children, parents and each other as individuals.

Equality - we ensure everyone is treated equally.

Success - we ensure everyone is a successful learner and aim high.

Responsible - all our children will become responsible citizens.

Teamwork - our staff work as a team to provide the best care for all our children and parents.

Creativity - we provide a varied range of resources and activities to enhance all children's creativity.

Trust / honesty - we build trustworthy and honest relationships with all our families and children and encourage children to form a good relationship with peers, adults and parents.

Our Aim

Jubille park nursery provides safe, and enjoyable environment where children can learn and develop their own skills. which children will experience and respond to their own individual needs.

We encourage children to learn and to be strong and independent through positive relationships.we provide a warm, loving and stimulated environment for children from diverse backgrounds.

We value and respect all children and families equally.

We share information and advice with parents, welcoming them into the nursery. We offer stimulating resources, relevant to all children culture and communities.

We protect and encourage children to focus on postive behaviour.

We provide a creative and imaginative oppurtunties play where children explore their own identity and build their self esteem.

We are proud to have a diverse variety of cultures and recognize that each child is unique.

We respect the role of the parents and aim to build positive relationships through open and honest communication.

We value ongoing professional development and see it as our role to stay up to date with the latest and current trends in early childcare and education.


Jubilee Park Nursery is now accepting registrations for 1-5 year olds. Please fill in the registration form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.